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Returning to School

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Dated 8/12/2020, 10:54 AM
Good morning,
I hope this week is going better than last and the beginning of a routine is beginning to take shape.  
A couple of things I wanted to share with you.
1. On Monday the Board voted to not set a date to open school.  It will be easier to hold a special meeting when we meet all the criteria to safely open schools for hybrid and announce the date a week in advance to give everyone notice.  This will give parents and teachers time to adjust for students.  Using the Arizona Department of Health metrics, we are not ready to open in any form.  I am working closely with the following agencies: Arizona Department of Health Services, ADE, Gila County Department of Health, and the CDC guidelines to ensure a safe reopening.
2. Beginning Aug. 17th we are required to offer on-site support services.  Until we know how many students will take advantage of this, students will report to Bejarano.  Two paras will proctor the students by helping them log into their distance learning classes.  They will bring their Chromebooks and charges.  They will have an opportunity to eat breakfast and lunch and have bathroom breaks.  The rest of the time will be following the distance learning schedule per classroom.  No additional activities are offered.  Parents interested in this are being asked to contact their child's school for the criteria to attend.
3. Everyone is required to wear a mask when they are on campus unless they are in a room by themselves.  We did have an admin. meeting this morning and could not hear and masks were pulled down in order to talk.  I apologize that we were not able to have them on and put them on when not talking.  Masks will be delivered today for staff members.  Students will have some available on Monday if needed for on-site support services and when we are safely able to attend in person.
4. We have one confirmed case of COVID for a staff member.  I have been in close contact with the County Health Department Director Michael O'Driscoll.  He has advised me that due to the length of time from being on site and the beginning symptoms, I am not required to send out an official notice.  Please know that when I am required to send out a notice, I will do so immediately.  I just pray that I do not have to!  Meanwhile, I have extra people to clean doorknobs, etc. at the site.  Please keep in mind, per CDC, COVID-19 does not live on objects (desks, chairs, doorknobs, etc.) longer than 48-hours.  However, I want you all to feel safe.
5.  We are all doing the best we can.  Personally I think you are all doing an exceptional job!!!  We are leaps and bounds ahead of many schools.  Thank you for all you are doing!!!  We are Vandals - we've got this!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact at any time (email works best).
Have a great and safe day!!!


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